badass testimonial from one of my clients 😉


Seven or so months ago, I knew I had to do something.  Although I was a generally thin 35 year old man, I had a chronically injured lower back, tight hamstrings, and poor conditioning.  I had strength and flexibility imbalances everywhere, which I had come to learn was causing my back injury.  I also had not regularly worked out since college.
After telling my sad story to Bree, she led me through a training program that became increasingly more rigorous over time.  Very quickly I realized that Bree’s workouts were the real deal — they were at the cutting edge of high-intensity and body balance training methods, and yet, she had a knack for keeping things at your level but slowing ratcheting the difficulty to improve overall performance and push me to do my best.
In a matter of a few months, the improvement was obvious and striking.  I lasted much longer, lifted up to 80-100% more weight (and more reps), and came away from workouts feeling energized.  As to my back, Bree is very knowledgeable and supplemented my physical therapist (I had years of scar tissue back there) in developing exercises that strengthened my core and hamstrings and improved their flexibility.
The other very tangible improvement has been in my appearance.  I did not set out to lose weight, but I replaced 5-6 pounds of fat with pure muscle.  Diets just don’t do that.  My “skinny fat” belly is now a truly flat stomach with a developing six pack.  I lost two inches in my waist size (from 33 to 31 inches).  It has been embarrassing to hear my wife keep mentioning my new tone and larger arms and shoulders.  I also continue to get spontaneous comments from friends and acquaintances, even at business meetings, all wanting to know what I have been doing.  Improving my back has been my primary concern, but I’ll take these ‘side effects’ any day.
And l can’t neglect to mention that Bree is also just a cool person.  She’s the pro’s pro, both smart and driven and knows her craft.  And yet she is good company and has supported me in the daily challenges with friendship and encouragement.  I continue to train with Bree, and look forward to where we go from here.

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