Super Better Told Me To Do It



I’m really all about staying in my comfort zone. It is extremely difficult for me to step out of it. I need lots of encouragement and/or begging (or name calling, or guilt tripping) to step out. Even then, it is a extreme struggle of combo & anxiety & paralyzing fear. Well. How do I feel when I step out? I felt pretty fucking amazing and free when I walked on a nude beach…nude. That felt pretty badass. When I drove a moped? Scary as hell but fun. When Travis made me do a box jump higher than 24″? Like a serious fitness gangster. Performing a Power Clean and Split Jerk without breaking my spine? Gotta say, felt all right (BODYBUILDINGROCKSTAR)

I stepped out of my comfort zone to become a Personal Trainer, to branch out and ask Ed for writing assignments (which have gone great although a little stressful), to take the bootcamps at Rice. Basically anything I freak out about ends up going well and I feel like ¬†four-bazillion-dollars of shiny, glittery,mermaid bucks. I don’t know what those are, but I imagine them scaly and turquoise.
I’m not sure why it doesn’t get easier stepping out. You would think stepping out of it made it easier – maybe I haven’t done it enough. I feel I’ve been better lately. Maybe I need to throw myself into a little more uncomfortable things. Though, right now I think I’m pretty deep into some uncomfortable shi (see: bootcamps at Rice, PT at Rice, coming up with an article for this magazine) but maybe I can/maybe I should.
What would they be? Speaking in front of a group maybe. Looking for a new job. Saying I’m sorry I know I’m a huge asshole. Those things. More? Always.

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