letter to your younger self,

Dear Little Bree, You will run through blackberry bushes, picking fruit from the brambles, letting sweet and sour burst in your cheeks. You will explore this new land – seemingly like a forest – never have you experienced so much green: frost is clinging to each blade and leaf and it will be a wonder […]

My roots

J gifted me a “time capsule letter book” that I should be writing things in that I open later in life. Today, I filled out “my roots” : I grew up with blackberry bush scratches & dark juice staining my fingers, climbing into a tree house with four sisters who didn’t really like me, jumping […]


Every time I wake, I wake with the fear that you’re leaving. My hands always find their way to your skin- your chest, your cheek, just a touch to remind my heart that you have not yet gone. Your breath is too much, no air to verify my fears are unwarranted. This panic settles like […]