Bring me back down, to the moments caught before the buzzing. It is this space between the current frame of where we are now to when felt we were made of stone, metal, diamonds even-shimmering and indestructible. But the wind has gripped our heels, has ensnared us in its motion and we have halted: kept […]

letter to your younger self,

Dear Little Bree, You will run through blackberry bushes, picking fruit from the brambles, letting sweet and sour burst in your cheeks. You will explore this new land – seemingly like a forest – never have you experienced so much green: frost is clinging to each blade and leaf and it will be a wonder […]

Donald Miller “Scary Close”

Things to remember from the Donald Miller Scary Close book reading last night – – The people you surround yourself with influence who you are as a person more than anything else. Choose friends/intimate relationships with people who are honest, humble, nonjudgmental and loyal. If you are confused about a friendship, this is a good sign […]


Right now: my nose buried in books on Christianity, self help and fitness. This one on depression is so frustrating. If they were writing this as an essay they would fail. Spend 100 pages repeating yourself? When is the good stuff! Skip. Drinking maple pecan milk lattes, participating in 30 days of yoga. Trying Acro […]