Bring me back down, to the moments caught before the buzzing. It is this space between the current frame of where we are now to when felt we were made of stone, metal, diamonds even-shimmering and indestructible. But the wind has gripped our heels, has ensnared us in its motion and we have halted: kept […]


Where do you even begin anymore? A hope you’ve come to avoid. You hold between yours, a pendulum between pride and the void. Between you, there is static, not the embers that began as a glow but a palpable fizzing. It is this that once started as a small scrabbling for a foothold, but now […]

letter to your younger self,

Dear Little Bree, You will run through blackberry bushes, picking fruit from the brambles, letting sweet and sour burst in your cheeks. You will explore this new land – seemingly like a forest – never have you experienced so much green: frost is clinging to each blade and leaf and it will be a wonder […]

a snapshot,

Your words crawl across my neck, my wrists, my toes and they culminate into bonds that hold me still and silent. They are landmines of each failure: a list of reasons where all I hear is how I am not enough – enough to reach your expectations. So, I spend my time focusing on my breathing, […]


Courage, fit neatly between lung A and lung B, earned with pink and black lines. This brand: ribbons that encircle hips, thighs, ankles, toes. An ink that spares no skin. These fresh marks held with fury, hands pressing to skin to keep, like a wound – a rush that spills and encircles and envelops. This. […]

racing –

where will the space leave you? along the lines of your thoughts, they’re big enough to keep you from sleep they crawl and weasel their way into the creases between your love and you little notes, reminders stuck between sheets and to hold onto this – is just you, such a small body this space, this […]