badass testimonial from one of my clients 😉   Seven or so months ago, I knew I had to do something.  Although I was a generally thin 35 year old man, I had a chronically injured lower back, tight hamstrings, and poor conditioning.  I had strength and flexibility imbalances everywhere, which I had come to […]


Writing for a legit magazine again, dudes. I’ve got to say it feels good. Here’s a taste test: http://publishingperspectives.com/2015/08/swede-self-publishes-book-to-put-kids-to-sleep-becomes-bestseller/ http://publishingperspectives.com/2015/08/homeless-south-african-offers-books-and-reviews-in-lieu-of-begging/ http://publishingperspectives.com/2015/08/ukraine-censors-books-by-odious-ukrainophobes/ http://publishingperspectives.com/2015/08/iraq-national-library-digitizes-holdings-staving-off-suppression/ Soon, I’ll be writing big boy articles & interviewing authors. NOBIGS, jus’ livin’ the dream.

Super Better Told Me To Do It

COMFORT ZONE THINGS! GO: I’m really all about staying in my comfort zone. It is extremely difficult for me to step out of it. I need lots of encouragement and/or begging (or name calling, or guilt tripping) to step out. Even then, it is a extreme struggle of combo & anxiety & paralyzing fear. Well. […]